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wackadoodle (comparative more wackadoodle, superlative most wackadoodle)

  1. (slang, pejorative) Crazy, irrational, or eccentric.
    • 2006, Kirsten Lobe, Paris Hangover, St. Martin's Press (2006), ISBN 9781429996549, page 45:
      Within an hour, forty people were stuffed into his apartment, all carrying gifts, dressed for a party, and it quickly became obvious he'd prearranged a party for himself and not told me. Okay. That's a bit wackadoodle.
    • 2009, Claire Mysko & Magali Amadeï, Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?: The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby, Health Communications, Inc. (2009), ISBN 9780757307928, page 175:
      You will discover this soon, if you haven't already: Exposure to pregnancy and moms with newborns often causes otherwise rational people to say and do inexplicably inane things (and don't even get us started on the people who started out not-so-rational; they turn completely wackadoodle).
    • 2010, Robyn Okrant, Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk, Center Street (2010), ISBN 9781599952628, unnumbered page:
      I thought that was totally wackadoodle. How could they possibly love someone they've never met?
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:wackadoodle.



wackadoodle (plural wackadoodles)

  1. (slang, pejorative) A crazy, irrational, or eccentric person.
    • 2013, Meg Tilly, A Taste of Heaven, Puffin (2013), ISBN 9780143188360, unnumbered page:
      "It's not funny, Mom! I use that mitt all the time. What kind of wackadoodle poops in her sister's baseball glove, for crying out loud?"
    • 2014, Caren S. Dillman, I Lost My Marbles: A Personal Story of Childhood Betrayal, Secrecy, Shame & Restoration, AuthorHouse (2014), ISBN 9781496934703, page 85:
      Once I was in the program, I was assigned a psychologist for psych testing to determine whether I was a true wackadoodle.
    • 2015, Suzan Saxman (with Perdita Finn), The Reluctant Psychic, St. Martin's Press (2015), ISBN 9781250047793, unnumbered page:
      I've had some bad neighbors, real wackadoodles, but I can't imagine wanting to actually off any of them.


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