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wadset +‎ -er


wadsetter (plural wadsetters)

  1. (Scotland) A person who holds tenure by wadset.
    • 1819, Walter Scott, The Bride of Lammermoor, Chapter 6,[1]
      [] he had land and living, kept himself close from wadsetters and money-lenders, paid each man his due, and lived on his own.”
    • 1899, Hew Morrison, “The Life of Rob Donn,” in Songs and Poems in the Gaelic Language by Rob Donn, Edinburgh: John Grant, p. xiv,[2]
      The wadsetter was frequently a younger brother or near relative of the chief of the clan, who had made money abroad, or in some calling at home. He lent money to the chief, and in return he was secured by deed in the annual rents of certain specified lands.