waffle iron

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A waffle iron


waffle iron (plural waffle irons)

  1. A cooking appliance, with hinged, indented metal plates, used to make waffles.
    • 1838, Samuel Griswold Goodrich, Fireside Education[1], page 331:
      Such a one is very apt to leave his impress upon his scholars, as the waffle-iron is impressed upon the cake that is baked in it.
    • 1841 August 20, Miss Leslie, “Mr. Smith”, in The Ladies' Garland[2], volume 5, number 2, page 36:
      I remember once of buying a waffle-iron of him, and when I tried it and found it did not make a pretty pattern on the waffles, I took it back to him to change it: but having no other pattern, he returned me the money as soon as I asked him.
    • 2011, Ann Treistman, Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs?: The Fascinating Stories Behind America's Favorite Foods[3]:
      These batter-based flat cakes gained a new form of popularity in America when Thomas Jefferson returned from his stint in France as a diplomat. In 1789 he presented his friends with a long-handled waffle iron.


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