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wamble +‎ -y


wambly (comparative more wambly, superlative most wambly)

  1. (dialect) Shaky, unsteady, dizzy, queasy, nauseous.
    • 1911, Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, volume 88, page 482:
      " [] Come ben the house to a bit whisky. Ye're fair wambly wi' the fright o't.”
      I went shaking into the house with him, [] .
    • 1928, S. S. Van Dine, “The Greene Murder Case”, in The Philo Vance Megapack: 12 Classic Mysteries, published 2013, page 563:
      She needs explaining, Markham—and a dashed lot of it.—And Rex, with his projecting parietals and his wambly body and his periodic fits.
    • 1989, Down East, The Magazine of Maine, Volume 35, Issues 6-11, page 8,
      The food is as good as people deserve who are willing to eat in such restaurants. Their menus are designed not to offend even the most wambly of tourists.


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