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wank +‎ -y


wanky (comparative wankier, superlative wankiest)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, slang, vulgar) Like a wanker; foolish or objectionable.
    • 2007, Mathilde Madden, The Silver Collar
      I do feel like a bit of a jealous wanky idiot.
  2. (Britain, slang, vulgar) Pretentious.
    • 1993, Henry Normal, Nude Modelling for the Afterlife
      Must always have a worse time than me at parties. Must hate parties, students, arty wankers, wanky art students, parties with wanky art students.
    • 1997 April, Jessica Hopper, L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum, review, Spin, page 161,
      Donita Sparks′s patented “I'm still dead” vocals and wanky guitar often beg to be fast forwarded (“Drama” comes off like Helmet sans pretentious time signatures), but that′s your problem. L7 are perfectly happy to rock, dress like roadies, and fall off bar stools with glee-filled abandon.
    • 1995, Nick Hornby, High Fidelity
      That Leo Sayer haircut and those dungarees, and the stupid laugh and the wanky right-on politics...
    • 2008, Richard Flanagan, The Unknown Terrorist
      We talked a bit — it was that wanky bar in town, the Art Bar — and first it was good, but then he got going on about justice, how there wasn't any.
  3. (fandom slang) Involving or relating to fanwank.