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From war +‎ -dom.


wardom (usually uncountable, plural wardoms)

  1. The state or condition of war; warfare; conflict.
    • 1987, J. F. C. Fuller, A Military History of the Western World, Vol. III:
      In other words, because both policies were global, it led to the establishment of a global state of "wardom."
    • 1996, Armand Mattelart, The Invention of Communication:
      [...] between two periods within the era of industrialization: the "paleotechnic" under the sway of steam and mechanics, that coincides with the "imperial-financial age," the era of Kriegspiel or "wardom"; [...]
    • 2010, Leo Tolstoy, Essays, Letters and Miscellanies - Page 28:
      ([...] I am even of opinion that this is the only way to escape from the terrible and ever increasing miseries of wardom militarism).