water is wet

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water is wet

  1. A statement of the obvious.
    • 2009, David Greven, Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek, →ISBN:
      We constantly “see” heterosexuality in Trek; to say that heterosexuality is explicit in Trek is to say that water is wet.
    • 2011, Chuck Wendig, Double Dead, →ISBN:
      "You're a monster," Gil said, but his words were toothless, without the fire behind them that he'd previously stoked. Coburn shrugged. “And water is wet, old man.”
    • 2015, Katie Morris & ‎GadChick, A Beginners Guide to Windows Surface, →ISBN:
      For example, the computer desktop is meant to suggest a physical desktop, and files that contain folders are meant to remind users of plain old filing systems. This may seem like we're telling you that water is wet, but the pre-GUI days involved a lot of command line typing.

Usage notes[edit]

Often used as a response when someone has stated something that is obvious.