Captain Obvious

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  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌkæptɪn ˈɒbviəs/, /-ən -/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌkæptən ˈɑbviəs/


Captain Obvious (plural Captains Obvious)

  1. (humorous, usually derogatory, sarcastic, very often preceded with thank you) Someone who makes superfluous or obvious statements.
    • 1994, L. E. Blair, Drummer Girl (Girl Talk series, vol. 12), Golden Books Publishing, →ISBN, page 33,
      "But you're a girl," the guy said in surprise. This guy was getting on my nerves. "You are Captain Obvious, aren't you?" I shot back.
    • 1995, Rob Stokes and the Minds of Quirk, eMarketing, Рипол Классик, →ISBN, page 82:
      Text links, by their very nature, contain text (thank you, Captain Obvious).
    • 1998, David Groth, A+: Core Module Study Guide[1], Sybex, →ISBN, page 189:
      The larger of the two specifications is known as Wide SCSI-2 because it's wider (Captain Obvious rides again).
    • 2002, Cathryn Michon, The Grrl Genius Guide to Life[2], HarperCollins, →ISBN, page 145:
      The Qiana-wearing slacker next to me poked me on the shoulder and said, "We totally knew it was you in the bathroom!" Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, I thought.
    • 2002, Tee Morris, Steve Oakley, Premiere 6.5 Power![3], Thomson Course Technology, →ISBN, page 240:
      Hold the camera properly. No, I'm not playing Captain Obvious here, but there is a certain way to hold a DV camera to avoid jittery movement.
    • 2013, Kaleb Nation, Harken, VOLT, →ISBN, page 38:
      “Do you know who that is?” he said, pointing both hands at the screen. / “Harold…Wolf…?” the class stated the obvious in slow, disjointed unison. Mr. Candas looked ready to jump off a roof. / “Thank you, Captains Obvious,” he murmured.
    • 2022, Questlove [pseudonym; Ahmir K. Thompson], “Evolver”, in Revolver, Apple Corps, page 17, column 1:
      Captains Obvious point to Sgt. Pepper’s as the source but, in reality, it’s Revolver. It comes from here, and it goes there and everywhere.



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