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water +‎ -er


waterer (plural waterers)

  1. One who waters plants.
    • 2007, Eleanor Crawforth, ‎Stephen Procter, ‎Michael Schmidt, New Poetries IV (page 86)
      She has dabbled in jobs as various as plant-waterer for a garden centre, trackwork rider for a racehorse trainer and librarian's assistant []
  2. One who waters down, or dilutes, something.
    • 1980, Official Journal of the European Communities
      Any Community funds intended for wine producers should benefit the producers and not the manufacturers of false labels, the forgers of transit papers, the mixers or waterers of wine or the resourceful characters who defy science and produce wine without using any grapes whatsoever.
  3. A device used for watering.
    She installed an automatic waterer for her garden.
  4. A device from which livestock or poultry may drink.
    Clean the chicks' waterer each time you refill it.


  • (device from which poultry drink): fount