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weak +‎ minded



  1. Foolish or ignorant.
    • 2009, J. V. Jones, A Cavern of Black Ice:
      Stupid, she told herself. Vain, weak-minded, and stupid.
  2. weak-willed; easily swayed or corrupted.
    • 2013, Kevin S. Decker, ‎Jason T. Eberl & ‎William Irwin, Star Wars and Philosophy: More Powerful than You Can Possibly Imagine, →ISBN:
      Plato sympathizes with the desire to influence weak-minded people. However, rather than directly controlling the minds of such people by the power of his own will, he uses the power of his thought to construct a myth designed to control the beliefs of the weak-minded by appealing to their imagination.
  3. Needy or fearful; characterized by weakness.
    • 2012, Ray Comfort, Comfort Food, →ISBN:
      I have lost count of how many timesI have heard that Christianity is a crutch for weak-minded people, who can't make it in life without faith.
  4. mentally deficient
    • 2004, William F. Bynum, ‎Roy Porter, ‎Michael Shepherd, The Anatomy of Madness: Essays in the History of Psychiatry, Volume 3, →ISBN, page 279:
      Altogether thirty-four out of 146 'criminal lunatics' admitted to the asylum between 1852 and 1890 were described as weak-minded or imbecile by the asylum staff.