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From Middle English wever, wevar, from Old English *wefere, *wifre, *wæfre (weaver, in compounds), equivalent to weave +‎ -er. Compare Saterland Frisian Weeuwer (weaver), Dutch wever (weaver), German Low German Wever (weaver), German Weber (weaver), Swedish vävare (weaver), Icelandic vefari (weaver).



weaver (plural weavers)

  1. One who weaves.
  2. A strand of material used in weaving.
    • 1988, Lyn Siler, The Basket Book: Over 30 Magnificent Baskets to Make and Enjoy:
      To add a new weaver, simply soak a new one, slide one end under a rib (over the old weaver) and continue weaving with both of them until the old one runs out. [] If your weaver has dried, rewet it and weave several rows as in Diagram 26.
  3. A weaverbird.
  4. An aquatic beetle of the genus Gyrinus.
  5. Certain fish of the family Pinguipedidae

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