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Web +‎ zine


  • IPA(key): /ˈwɛbˌziːn/
  • Hyphenation: web‧zine


webzine (plural webzines)

  1. (computing) A magazine published on the World Wide Web.
    • 1998, Elizabeth Broun, “National Museum of American Art”, in Smithsonian Year: Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution for the Year Ended September 30, 1997, Smithsonian Institution Press, page 37:
      In the spring, the museum launched its new Internet magazine, ¡del Corazón! (“From the Heart”). This interactive webzine focuses on Latino artists in the collection, such as Carmen Lomas Garza, Aguela Martinez, and Irvin Trujillo.
    • 2002, “Dickinson takes the reins of Montana Outdoors”, in Tom Dickinson, editor, Montana Outdoors, page 32:
      Dickinson, 42, takes the magazine’s helm after working 14 years for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He edited a bimonthly webzine, Fish and Wildlife Today, wrote frequently for the department’s magazine, and managed communications for the agency’s Wildlife, Fisheries, and Ecological Services divisions.
    • 2011, “Update”, in Ben Birnbaum, editor, Boston College Magazine, volume 71, number 4, Boston College, ISSN 0885-2049, page 3:
      Readers of the story by Zak Jason ’11 titled “Curtain Call: The Secretary and the Blogger” (Summer 2011) will remember how the recent Commencement speaker, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, singled out Allison Lantero, a graduating senior, in his remarks. Writing for the webzine Her Campus, Lantero had blogged in part, “Now that our sighs of disappointment have subsided, what we really wand to know is: Who is Ray LaHood?” adding, “all we can hope is that the speech is short.”




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webzine m (plural webzines)

  1. webzine