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Alternative forms[edit]


From well +‎ built


well-built (comparative better-built or more well-built, superlative best-built or most well-built)

  1. Constructed in a pleasing or sound manner.
    • 1978, Ogden Tanner, Garden Construction‎, page 7
      The basics of a well-built garden
  2. Muscular and lean, having a body resembling that of an athlete
    • 1998, Nora Roberts, The Reef‎, page 3
      James Lassiter was forty years old, a well-built, ruggedly handsome man in the prime of his life, in the best of health.
    • 2002, James Patterson, Violets Are Blue‎, page 180
      A well-built teenage boy in a soiled black leather studded vest and black jeans was crouched in the far corner of the cellar, waiting for us.