well and truly

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well and truly (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) utterly; completely; without doubt
    Many people remained in their hiding places until the war was well and truly over.
    • 1792, The Analytic Review Volume 14, 54:
      Now then, gentlemen, I beg you to weigh well in your minds; consider seriously—for what are you called here this day?—Consider, I beg of you;—what have you now sworn to perform?—You have solemnly sworn, that “you will well and truly try the issue between the parties.” You have sworn to try it: well and truly to try it. Now, pray, what is the issue? Mr. Fox asserts that I owe him about 200 l., which I deny. Now the question between us is, whether debt or not. That is the issue which you have sworn to try; to try it well; and truly to try it.