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where +‎ not; compare whatnot.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʍɛə(ɹ)nɒt/, /ˈwɛə(ɹ)nɒt/
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wherenot (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Other related places; wherever.
    • 1893, October, Edward Braddon, Thirty Years of Shikar, in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, page 500:
      [] and that now, as then, a morning with the hunt does not always repay the hunting man for getting up in the night and driving in the dark to Dumdum or Cox's Bungalow, or wherenot.
    • 1895, Francis Watt, The Law's Lumber Room, pages 32-33:
      The deed roundly asserted that the island of Antigua (or wherenot) lay in the parish of St Mary, []
    • 1916, January 1, The Musical Times, page 16:
      We have thus, instead of a monument erected on the hearth of Russian tradition and feeling, numberless single stones, some of which, beautifully carved, — but in crooked lines, — lead us to Bagdad, China, and wherenot.