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Derived from white-ant.



  1. present participle of white-ant


white-anting (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, colloquial) The action or process of bringing down from within, undermining, sabotage.
    • 1943, Australian Parliament, Parliamentary Debates, Volume 179, page 965,
      The white-anting of our economic controls by black marketing operations is another serious circumstance.
    • 1965, The Federal Law Reports, Volume 8, page 237,
      You heard delegates admit that Cameron formed the white-anting organization for the purpose of undermining the A.W.U. ?
    • 2006, Simon Illingworth, Filthy Rat: One Man's Stand Against Police Corruption and Melbourne's Gangland War, page 64,
      I didn′t complain, just worked harder despite the white-anting that went on under the surface.
    • 2012, Sharyn Munro, Rich Land, Wasteland, Macmillan Australia, unnumbered page,
      Having done all she could for Wollar, Bev had to back off from local involvement; the white-anting had succeeded ... and Wollar would collapse.