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white +‎ coat


whitecoat (plural whitecoats)

  1. A new-born baby harp or grey seal before its fur becomes grey, normally around 12 days old.
  2. (derogatory) A laboratory scientist.
    • 2008, James Axler, Plague Lords (page 20)
      If the whitecoats expected their Victorian lab rat to appreciate the Big Picture and be grateful for the sake of science and the expansion of knowledge, they were very much disappointed. They were so arrogant, so oblivious...

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  • At present the EU bans the import of all products from "whitecoats" (baby seals under 12 days old), a ban introduced following the furore provoked by bloody images of hunters bashing out the brains of whitecoats during the annnual seal cull. - Anger over British stance, The Week, Issue 601, page 8.