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  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    • 2014, Eric Neumann, Let John Finger Do The Walking, page 234:
      Oh, wait, they did give me a certificate of appreciation on January 29, 1983, after my 1,000th mile. Well, whoop-de-do!


whoop-de-do (plural whoop-de-dos)

  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    1. Commotion
      • 2004, Harvey H. Jackson, Inside Alabama: A Personal History of My State, →ISBN, page 7:
        Yet all this modern-day whoop-de-do notwithstanding, the fact remains that de Soto was and is an important part of Alabama history.
    2. Event marked by excitement
      • 2012, Wally Lamb, She's Come Undone, →ISBN:
        She wanted to remind my mother that in the eyes of the Church she was still a married woman and said she hoped Ma wasn't reserving herself a room in hell for the sake of one little night of whoop-de-do.
    3. Bump in a racetrack
      • 1983 April, Harry Hurt III, “Hell on Wheels”, in Texas Monthly, volume 11, number 4, page 183:
        Racing past the truck would be a little like flying an airplane through choppy air— except that an airplane never loses contact with the air, and the truck's draft would cause the race car to veer or, if it coincided with a whoop-de-do, to lose contact with the pavement.


whoop-de-do (comparative more whoop-de-do, superlative most whoop-de-do)

  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    • 1998 March, “Managing Money:Home”, in Kiplinger's Personal Finance, volume 52, number 3, page 64:
      "They were all the big, whoop-de-do houses, and I just checked out what they were putting in their kitchens," she says. Jo and her husband, Jeff, now have cabinets finished with a whitewashed oak and a center island topped with charcoal-and-rust-colored granite.