willy willy

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Alternative forms[edit]


From an unidentified Australian Aboriginal language.


willy willy (plural willy willies)

  1. (Australia) A dust devil; a tornado; a tropical cyclone.
    • 2000, Blake Education staff, Terrific Topics: Middle Primary: Book 1, Blake Education, Australia, page 92,
      Hurricanes, cyclones, willy-willies and typhoons are all storms with incredibly strong and powerful winds.
    • 2000, John Marsden, Burning for Revenge, page 29,
      There were sheets of roofing iron torn off by the willy-willy of 1994, tanks with holes in them, a few other cars and tractors, and bits of machinery.
    • 2009, Keith Scott, Colin Pain, Regolith Science, page 384,
      None of the coarser deposits have been observed to move on at any of the lander sites; however, dust accumulates and is removed both seasonally and by local wind gusts and willy willies (dust devils; Greeley et al. 2006).