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wind +‎ break


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windbreak (plural windbreaks)

  1. (agriculture) a hedge, fence or row of trees positioned to reduce wind damage to crops
  2. a sheet or stack of material used to protect people or fire from wind
    • June 1964, Darrell Huff, Sun-Catching Windbreak Popular Science, Bonnier Corporation, page 112:
      I built my windbreak on a second-story wooden deck, as you can see above, but it would work just as well at ground level.
    • 2000, Darrell Huff, Settlement: A History Of Australian Indigenous Housing, Aboriginal Studies Press, page 19:
      Although Birdibil was warm in his family wungkurr or windbreak that night, lying next to a crackling fire and covered with some paperbark blankets (kawan), he had little sleep.
    • 2008, Paul Memmott, Gunyah, Goondie + Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia, University of Queensland Press, page 62:
      A wide range of materials was used for windbreaks, including rigid bark sheets inserted in sand, piles of grass or foliage, and stone walls.