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From Middle English wyndowed, wyndowid, equivalent to window +‎ -ed.


windowed (not comparable)

  1. Fitted with windows (often of a particular kind).
    • c. 1605, William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act III, Scene 4,[1]
      Poor naked wretches, wheresoe’er you are,
      That bide the pelting of this pitiless storm,
      How shall your houseless heads and unfed sides,
      Your loop’d and window’d raggedness, defend you
      From seasons such as these?
    • 1712, The Spectator, No. 276, Wednesday, January 16, 1712, Dublin: W. Wilson, 1778, Volume IV, p. 103,[2]
      You must have seen a strange windowed house near Hyde-Park, which is so built that no one can look out of any of the apartments []
    • 1857, Charlotte Brontë, The Professor, Chapter 12,[3]
      I need not say that my thoughts were chiefly with her as I leaned from the lattice, and let my eye roam, now over the walks and borders of the garden, now along the many-windowed front of the house which rose white beyond the masses of foliage.
    • 1917, Siegfried Sassoon, “Morning Glory” in The Old Huntsman, and Other Poems, London: Heinemann, p. 81,[4]
      Loud the happy children quire
      To the golden-windowed morn;
      While the lord of their desire
      Sleeps below the crimson thorn.
    • 1937, The Road to Oxiana, “Herat, 23 November,”[5]
      The walls below are bare, but for a few glazed bricks and a peculiar three-windowed bay that reminds one of a villa in Clapham.
    • 2004, Sally B. Donnelly, “Over the Really Long Haul,” Time, 22 March, 2004,[6]
      Once the plane was at cruising altitude I spent the first hour or so just getting used to the surroundings—exploring the stand-up bar Singapore Airlines created at the back of the coach section, ducking into one of the two windowed rest rooms or longing for the plush seats in business class.
    a bow-windowed room
  2. (computing, graphical user interface) Occupying only a part of the screen (in a window.)
    This game can be played both in windowed mode and in full-screen mode.





  1. simple past tense and past participle of window