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Alternative forms[edit]


Windows +‎ -tard


wintard (plural wintards)

  1. (Internet slang, pejorative) A user or advocate of Microsoft Windows.
    • 1999 March 23, Kevin M. “ktaggart” Taggart, ‘Re: "Infinite Loop"’, comp.sys.mac.advocacy, Usenet [1]
      Stop being such a Wintard and at least have the backbone required to acknowledge some brilliant engineering.
    • 2006 June 25, “7” (author), “Re: [News] Windows 98 Users Headed for Linux?”, comp.os.linux.advocacy, Usenet [2]
      How come you post all your wintard drivel in comp.os.linux.advocacy instead of windope.clippy.os.worshipper.advocacy where you can be more readily appreciated. LOL!!!
    • 2007 August 29, "nostop" (author), "Re: Why Vists is sometimes no more useful than a pile of wet dog crap",, Usenet [3]
      Wonder if the other Wintards around here get as large an allowance from their mommies as you obviously do?

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