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wipe up (third-person singular simple present wipes up, present participle wiping up, simple past and past participle wiped up)

  1. (Britain, intransitive) To dry utensils, dishes etc. that have been washed.
    You're not watching TV until you've wiped up!
  2. To completely remove spilled liquid or solids, typically by hand using a dishcloth.
    I'll wipe up that spilled milk.
    First let me wipe up all these bread crumbs.
  3. To clean thoroughly, particularly with a dishcloth or rag.
    I always wipe up the counter before making dinner.
    Please wipe up the kitchen at the end of your shift.
  4. (US, transitive, slang, figuratively) To defeat (an opponent) thoroughly; trounce.
    We're going to wipe up your team just like we wiped up the Canaries.