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Alternative forms[edit]


From woman +‎ hater.


womanhater (plural womanhaters)

  1. One who hates women or the female sex.
    • 1738, Jonathan Swift, A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversation page 311:
      I suppose, the gentleman’s a womanhater; but, Sir, I think you ought to remember, that you had a mother: and pray, if it had not been for a woman, where would you have been, colonel?
    • 1828, Life of William Caxton, page 25:
      From his insertion of these strictures on women, which are not the most courtly, it has been inferred that he was a womanhater; but that he was not so, appears from some of his prologues, especially from that to the ‘Knight of the Tower.’
    • 1895–6, Florence Guertin, "The Yale Prom", in Bachelor of Arts, page 365:
      The petticoated-intrusion may be resented by a few cross-grained “theologs,” bachelors before their time, or womanhaters because some boarding-school miss has failed to fulfill their idea of fidelity.