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wool +‎ sack


woolsack ‎(plural woolsacks)

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  1. A wool bale or cushion, the traditional seat of the Lord Speaker in the British House of Lords.
    • 1830, John Galt, The Life of Lord Byron[1]:
      On entering the House, he is described to have appeared abashed and pale: he passed the woolsack without looking round, and advanced to the table where the proper officer was attending to administer the oaths.
    • 1895, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, The Evil Guest[2]:
      Well, Dick," rejoined Sir Wynston, merrily, "if both are to be fulfilled, or neither, I trust you may never sit upon the woolsack of England."
    • 1902, John Lord, Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIII[3]:
      But when the Lord Chancellor left the woolsack to congratulate him, and with a smiling face extended his hand, the embittered young peer bowed coldly and stiffly, and simply held out two or three of his fingers,--an act of impudence for which there was no excuse.