world without end

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The term world in this context is used in its archaic sense of time or age. The phrase was popular in the King James era and was used in the King James Bible. The phrase is still largely associated with Christian liturgy.


world without end

  1. For all time.
    • 1999, Stephin Merritt, 69 Love Songs:
      And life goes on and on anon, and death goes on, world without end.
    • 2012, 20.51 of Episode 11, Season 3 of TV drama Justified:
      Not a day passes when federal boots aren't on the ground in Noble's Holler, churning up every acre, and then going over it again, world without end, until I get I what I want.


Usage notes[edit]

  • Today typically used in Christian liturgy, particularly in the Gloria Patri.