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Attested 1956, I. BELKNAP Human Problems of State Mental Hospitals x. 177[1] In cartoon Out Our Way by J. R. Williams, there is a character by that name. Earlier examples from newspapers of the 1930s and 1940s.[2]

Presumably related to earlier worryguts.

From worry +‎ "wart" apparently chosen for alliteration.



worrywart (plural worrywarts)

  1. A person who worries excessively, especially about unimportant matters.
    • 2005, Hal Edward Runkel, Screamfree Parenting: Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool, →ISBN, page 31:
      It doesn't mean you're a worrywart, a nervous wreck or in need of heavy medication.
    • August 17 2008, Nicole L.V. Mullis, “Vacation renders kids, adult males impervious to danger”, in Battle Creek Enquirer[1]:
      On vacation, I'm a worrywart for fretting about third-degree burns and puncture wounds.



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