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Alternative forms[edit]


wrong +‎ headed


wrongheaded (comparative more wrongheaded, superlative most wrongheaded)

  1. Having an obstinately (persistently, stubbornly) perverse/erroneous opinion or judgement.
    He's not just wrong, but wrongheaded, about raising the kids.
    • 1840, Colburn's New Monthly Magazine and Humorist, volume 60, page 492:
      Reputation—a mere barren reputation, that brings nothing with it, save a post obit bond on posterity—has lost its ancient value: and the panters after posthumous reputation are now closely confined to a few wrongheaded enthusiasts, []
    • 2010, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Econometric Analysis of Cross-Section and Panel Data, 2nd edition, page 286:
      Our view is that discussions about whether the should be treated as random variables or as parameters to be estimated are wrongheaded for microeconometric panel data applications.

Derived terms[edit]