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First appeared in the original Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (1977).


xorn (plural xorns or xorn)

  1. (fantasy) A fictional monster that devours earthen and silicate materials and can move freely through earth.
    • 2002, "David Damerell", Where are they come from?[sic] ;) (on newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.development)
      Various monsters can tunnel through rock - either humanoid monsters with picks or rock eaters like rock moles and umber hulks; and some monsters like xorns and ghosts can pass through it without digging.
    • 2007, "bear", Makes Lovely Julienne Ogres.... (on newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.angband)
      Teleporting from an open room where there were a dozen black orcs firing bows at me and more pouring in through both doors a few nights ago didn't work the first two times, then when it did work it landed me, low on mana and hitpoints, in a room full of gnome mages who instantly summoned four umber hulks and a xorn!
    • 2010, Roger Bourke White, Rostov Rising: The Tales of Baron Rostov (page 229)
      That afternoon, I summoned a Xorn—an earth elemental noted for its speed—and asked it to scout the caves of the Dragon's lair for me.