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  • IPA(key): (everywhere but Argentina and Uruguay) /ˈʝa ke/ [ˈɟ͡ʝa ke]
  • IPA(key): (Buenos Aires and environs) /ˈʃa ke/ [ˈʃa ke]
  • IPA(key): (elsewhere in Argentina and Uruguay) /ˈʒa ke/ [ˈʒa ke]

  • Syllabification: ya que


ya que

  1. as, due to
  2. inasmuch as, since, because, given that, in that, now that
    • 2015 October 3, "Peña Nieto y el populismo", El País.
      Y sin embargo, en Nueva York, el presidente les dice que están desinformados, ya que el verdadero peligro que enfrenta México es el populismo.
      However, in New York, the president told them that they are misinformed, since the true danger that confronts Mexico is populism.

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