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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Wemba-Wemba yabij.



yabby (plural yabbies)

  1. (Australia) A freshwater Australian crayfish of the genus Cherax, especially Cherax destructor.
    • 1985, Peter Carey, Illywhacker, Faber and Faber 2003, p. 386:
      Having arrived at night I can speak with some authority on the desolate feeling the road produces: the white fire-scarred trunks, the unsettling vision of yabbies moving from one side of the road to the other.
  2. (Australia) A type of ghost shrimp of the infraorder Thalassinidea.

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yabby (third-person singular simple present yabbies, present participle yabbying, simple past and past participle yabbied)

  1. (intransitive) To search for yabbies.