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  1. Used three times in a row, or in combination with other words, to indicate part of a sentence which would be annoying to include, or which is incomprehensible, or which is just unimportant.
    "In fact, the academic said, crime trends are influenced far more by demographics and social forces and yadda, yadda, yadda than by police work." – Andrew Karmen
    • 2002, June 2, “Craig Medred”, in Trails committee goes a little wild[1], page G1:
      The planners held all the requisite public hearings, public discussions, public meetings, public forums, yadda public-this and yadda public-that.


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yadda ‎(plural yaddas)

  1. One of a set of items which do not need to be specified; often used in conjunction with the catch phrase yadda yadda yadda.
    • 2001, November 8, “Jim Mateja”, in Kia opens door, manually, to minivan market[2]:
      Sedona offers everything a Caravan, Voyager, T&C, yadda, yadda, yadda does, [] However, when V-6-equipped, the yaddas are a lot more quiet leaving the light or pulling into the passing lane.
    • 2004, August 28, “Gary Peterson”, in Tina Thompson: `I really wanted to be part of this. This is my time'[3]:
      Dropouts include Jason Kidd (recovering from knee surgery), Ray Allen (getting married this summer), Tracy McGrady (security concerns), Karl Malone (recovering from the NBA season; lost his mother), Jermaine O'Neal (banged up), Vince Carter (yadda), Mike Bibby (yadda), Elton Brand (yadda), and Kenyon Martin (yadda).
    • 2006, May 13, A Tough Road: Bennerman, Who Went To Hargrave, Describes Exactly What Glenn's Wallace Is Going To Be Experiencing[4]:
      So right or wrong, good move or bad, yadda or yadda, it's an intriguing development in this gifted player's life and basketball career.





  1. how; in that way