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yak +‎ -y



yakky (comparative yakkier, superlative yakkiest)

  1. (informal) chatty, talkative
    • 2011, Candida Lawrence, Fear Itself
      I notice my husband and Ken are not talking to each other, most unusual in such a yakky family.
    • 2009, 2002, Jesse Lovelace, Keep to the Left!: Freewheeling Through Ireland
      A little skinny kid had started working behind the bar, and I'd swear he was James Joyce's great grandson: thin face, thick glasses and a frail physique. He was yakky and a bit snappy and thoroughly entertaining
    • 1999, Deb Schwarz, the Rufus on Fire, Out - January 1999 issue page 66
      Perfectly charming and at ease on stage, he's equally rambling and yakky in an interview.