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From yeah or yes and hello.



  1. A variant of hello, often associated with accents in the southern United States.
    • 2012, Ann J. Colby, Cross Town Murders, pg. 378:
      He answered with his usual detached inflection, “Yallo.”
    • 2011, Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon, Southern Comfort, p. 52:
      Yallo,” his boss drawled and Seth could picture the man kicked back in his recliner, beer in hand, watching a repeat of some golden oldie sitcom on TV.
    • 2004, John Powell III, Hunter And Hunted, p. 440:
      A country-boy Texas drawl, similar to Quelldon's own, spilled back from wherever the call terminated. “Yallo.” There was a small cough, then the voice repeated the mispronounced greeting. “Yallo? Anybody there?”