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Alternative forms[edit]


Perhaps yuck or yech, etc. influenced by sheesh.



  1. Expressing exasperation or impatience.
    • 1999 Feb 3, 3:00 am, Jenn, The Theory of being loved, alt.romance:
      You ask..yeesh do we have to teach you EVERYTHING??
    • 2005 Sep 29, 12:29 am, Rev. Bleech_, Rate crimes against humanity from best to worst,
      >How can there be a "best" crime against humanity?
      Ones that get rid of the most undesirable ethnic groups. Yeesh do I have to draw a picture?
    • 2009, Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich, Dogs and Goddesses, page 383:
      Yeesh, pour salt on the wound, why don't you?
    • 2009, Jeannine Garsee, Say the Word, page 296:
      “I just wondered if you'd—” “Shut up, Shawna. I didn't say anything. Yeesh!
  2. Expressing relief; phew, whew.
    • 2003, Jeanette Cottrell, There's No Such Thing!‎
      "I guess that explains why they don't fly very well." Gina shuddered. "And I almost made it crash! Yeesh!" "Yeesh is right," agreed Jay.
    • 2005, Lee Edward Födi, Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers‎
      "Yeesh," Ratchet muttered again, caressing his singed whiskers. "I think I'll let you look for the books from now on, Kendra."
  3. Expressing disgust; yuck, yech.
    • 2005, Eugene B Bergmann, Excelsior, you fathead!: the art and enigma of Jean Shepherd
      And so, if your mother says, "Yeesh!" every time somebody mentions broiled liver...
    • 2008, Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
      Yeesh. So strong was his cologne she could practically taste it.
    • 2008, Suzanne Brockmann, Force of Nature
      She did, however, spot Gordon Burns over by the bar. Yeesh. He gave her the creeps.