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Etymology 1[edit]

Perhaps imitative. Akin to Dutch jak (disgusting). First appeared in the 1960s.



  1. Uttered to indicate disgust usually toward an objectionable taste or odour. [from 1966]
    Antonym: yum
    Yuck! This peanut butter is disgusting!
Derived terms[edit]


yuck (plural yucks)

  1. (uncountable) Something disgusting.
    • 2003, The New Yorker, 8 Dec 2003
      I fetched an orange from a basket and peeled it [] “Make sure you peel as much of the yuck off as possible,” she said. “I hate the yuck."
  2. (countable) The sound made by a laugh.
    • 2000, The New Yorker, 13 March 2000
      Given this insecurity, the creators of “The Simpsons” took an extraordinary risk: they decided not to use a laugh track. On almost all other sitcoms, dialogue was interrupted repeatedly by crescendos of phony guffaws (or by the electronically enhanced laughter of live audiences), creating the unreal ebb and flow of sitcom conversation, in which a typical character’s initial reaction to an ostensibly humorous remark could only be to smile archly or look around while waiting for the yucks to die down.

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Etymology 2[edit]

Compare German jucken, Dutch jeuken, and see itch.


yuck (third-person singular simple present yucks, present participle yucking, simple past and past participle yucked)

  1. (obsolete) To itch.
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Presumably of the same roots as English chuck, itself from Anglo-Norman choque (compare modern Norman chouque), from Gaulish *śokka (compare Breton soc'h (thick), Old Irish tócht (part, piece).


yuck (third-person singular present yuck, present participle yuckin, past yuckit, past participle yuckit)

  1. to chuck, to throw
    A yuckit it inti the bucket.I chucked it into the bucket


yuck (plural yucks)

  1. a throw
  2. a small stone that can be thrown
    Ye cin finnd yucks be the river.
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