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From Middle English yerling, yerlyng, equivalent to year +‎ -ling. Cognate with Dutch jaarling (yearling), German Jährling (yearling).


yearling (plural yearlings)

  1. An animal that is between one and two years old; one that is in its second year (but not yet two full years old).
    a yearling lamb
    • 2021 August 25, Henry Fountain; Benjamin Rasmussen, “‘The Worst Thing I Can Ever Remember’: How Drought Is Crushing Ranchers”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
      Tom Fettig and his wife, Kim, were there with 60 yearlings, about half of a herd they were helping their son raise on the outskirts of Bismarck.
  2. A racehorse that is considered to be one year old until a subsequent January 1st.
  3. (US) A sophomore at West Point military academy.
    • 1910, H. Irving Hancock, Dick Prescott's Second Year at West Point (page 84)
      "But is a plebe forbidden to stroll here?"
      "If a plebe did have the brass to try it," replied Anstey slowly, "I reckon he would have to fight the whole yearling class in turn."





  • IPA(key): /jœʁ.liŋ/, /jiʁ.liŋ/


yearling m (plural yearlings)

  1. yearling

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