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East Central German[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]



  1. (Erzgebirgisch) Expression of disgust.

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From Proto-Finnic *aika. Cognate to Finnish aika, Ingrian aika, Livvi aigu, Ludian aig, Veps aig, Votic aikõ and Livonian āiga. Possibly from or akin to Proto-Germanic *aiwaz (compare Gothic 𐌰𐌹𐍅𐍃 (aiws, age, eternity), Old Norse ævi (lifetime), English aye). Another possibility is the borrowing from a Baltic language: compare Lithuanian eigà (gait, flow) or Latvian eja (passageway, tunnel) (from Lithuanian eĩti and Latvian iet respectively, both meaning 'to go').


  • IPA(key): /ˈɑe̯ɡ̊/, [ˈɑe̯ɡ̊]
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɑeɡ
  • Hyphenation: aeg


aeg (genitive aja, partitive aega)

  1. time
    1. An endless and unlimited duration with hours, days, years etc. passing.
      aeg lendab kiirestitime flies [fast]
      aeg ei peatutime does not stop
      Synonyms: ajajärk, ajastu, epohh
      1. timezone; era
        Kesk-Euroopa aegCentral EuropeanTime
      2. The time as indicated by a clock.
        Ärkasin korra kella kolme ajal.
        I woke up around three o'clock
        Synonym: kellaaeg
    2. A specific period in history.
      Nõukogude aegthe Soviet times
      Synonyms: ajalõik, ajavahemik, etapp
    3. A given duration of time available.
      kasuta aega otstarbekaltuse your time appropriately
      1. An indefinite (or definite) instant of time.
        Nägin teda mõni aeg tagasi.
        I saw him/her a while ago.
        Synonyms: ajahetk, viiv, hetk, silmapilk, moment, vilk, minut, tund
      2. (sports) The time of covering a distance
        Võitja jooksis päeva parima aja.
        The winner got [ran] the best time of today.
      3. The period of a prison sentence, being in office etc.
        Altkäemaksuvõtja istus oma aja ära ja sai vanglast välja.
        The bribetaker did his time and got out of prison.
      4. An appropriate moment for sth.
        meil on aeg alustadait's time for us to start
    4. (linguistics, grammar) tense
      Eesti keeles on neli aega: olevik, lihtminevik, täisminevik ja enneminevik.There are four tenses in Estonian: present, past, perfect and pluperfect tense.
      Synonym: tempus







From Old Irish óc, from Proto-Celtic *yowankos (compare Welsh ieuanc), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂i̯uh₁n-ḱós (compare English young).



aeg (plural aegey, comparative aa, superlative saa)

  1. young
    Cha nel mee lowal rish y fer aeg shen.I do not approve of that young man.
  2. adolescent
  3. immature

Derived terms[edit]