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yellow +‎ fin


yellowfin (plural yellowfin or yellowfins)

  1. Any of various fish with yellow fins.
    1. (countable) Thunnus albacares, a yellowfin tuna, an individual member of that species.
    2. yellowfin bream, a fish in the Sparidae family
    3. yellowfin croaker, a fish in the Sciaenidae family
    4. yellowfin cutthroat trout, a fish in the Salmonidae family
    5. yellow fin fairy wrasse, a fish in the Labridae family
    6. yellowfin grouper, a fish in the Serranidae family
    7. yellowfin madtom, a fish in the Ictaluridae family
    8. yellow-fin perchlet, a fish in the Ambassidae family
    9. yellowfin pike, a fish in the Dinolestidae family
    10. yellowfin seabream, a fish in the Sparidae family
    11. yellowfin surgeon, a fish in the Acanthuridae family
    12. yellowfin whiting, a fish in the Sillaginidae family