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yogurty (comparative more yogurty, superlative most yogurty)

  1. Resembling yogurt.
    • 1997, Maureen F McHugh, China Mountain Zhang
      It's chicken baked with a yogurt covering, but it doesn't seem very yogurty. It's all right. I tell him it's very good.
    • 2004, Brittney Ryan, Laurel Long, The Legend of Holly Claus
      Two rubbery arms hung from the yogurty folds of his sagging neck and, though these limbs appeared useless, Beyschlag used them to propel himself forward...
    • 2007, Martin Amis, House of Meetings
      I was reminded of the yogurty unguent that Varvara, my final croupier, used to entomb herself in, nightly, toward the end; it changed the color of her teeth...