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Etymology 1[edit]



  1. Eye dialect spelling of your.
    • 1891, Kate Sanborn, Adopting An Abandoned Farm[1]:
      I've heard of yure old lot.
    • 1919, Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews, Joy in the Morning[2]:
      But as soone as you can come to yure loving own girl--ROBINA."

Etymology 2[edit]


yure (uncountable)

  1. (Yorkshire, Lancashire) hair
    • 1862, Edwin Waugh, Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine[3]:
      Aw know'd him when his yure stickt out at top ov his hat; and his shurt would ha' hanged eawt beheend, too,--like a Wigan lantron,--iv he'd had a shurt.
    • 1898, John Hartley, Yorkshire Lyrics[4]:
      Her skin wor all a deep blue black, / Her yure, a dark braan red.

Etymology 3[edit]

From Middle English ȝowre, from Old Norse júr, júgr (udder), from Proto-Germanic *eudarą, *ūdarą. More at udder.

Alternative forms[edit]


yure (plural yures)

  1. (Britain, dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) udder