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From zaglis ‎(thief) +‎ -īgs.


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zaglīgs (def. zaglīgais, comp. zaglīgāks, sup. viszaglīgākais; adv. zaglīgi)

  1. thievish (having a tendency to steal)
    zaglīgs pusaudzisthievish teenager
    zaglīgs sunsthievish dog
    zirgu puisis, zaglīgs, patur labību pats — the stable boy, thievish, kept the grain for himself
    Krišiņš bija apbrīnojami zaglīgs: viņš zaga un slēpa nezināmās slēptuvēs vajadzīgus un nevajadzīgus sīkumus — Krišiņš (the little crow) was remarkably thievish: he stole and hid in unknown hideouts necessary and unnecessary little things
  2. furtive, sneaky, stealthy (trying not to be noticed, seen; such that it makes one less likely to be noticed)
    zaglīga gaitasneaky, furtive walk
    zaglīgi soļisneaky, furtive steps
    viņa sāka Jēci un Emmu novērot; viņa kļuva viltīga, zaglīga, centās tos pārsteigt — she started to observe Jēcis and Emma; she became cunning and sneaky, she tried to surprise them
    viņa pārlaida zaglīgu skatienu māklera dīvainajam tērpam — she gave a furtive glace at the real estate agent's strange clothes
    tā vien likās, ka tuvumā slēpjas slepena, zaglīga acs — it just seemed (to him) that in the darkness a secretive, furtive eye was hiding


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