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From the same stem as zagt (to steal) (q.v.), with an extra l, and made into a masculine, 2nd-declension noun (ending -is).[1]


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zaglis m (2nd declension, feminine form: zagle)

  1. (male) thief (a man who carries out thefts)
    kabatas zaglis, kabatzaglispickpocket (lit. pocket thief)
    sīks zaglissmall thief
    rūdīts zaglishardened thief
    zagļu žargonsthieves' slang
    zagļu bandamob (lit. gang of thieves)
    ķert zaglito catch a thief
    dzīties pakaļ zagļiemto chase the thieves
    kādā citā vietā zagļi bija caur jumtu ietikuši stallī un izvedusi zirgussomewhere else thieves had entered into the stable through the roof and taken the horses away


Derived terms[edit]

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