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From the same stem as zagt ‎(to steal) (q.v.), with an extra l, and made into a masculine, 2nd-declension noun (ending -is).[1]


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zaglis m (2nd declension, feminine form: zagle)

  1. (male) thief (a man who carries out thefts)
    kabatas zaglis, kabatzaglis — pickpocket (lit. pocket thief)
    sīks zaglis — small thief
    rūdīts zaglis — hardened thief
    zagļu žargonsthieves' slang
    zagļu banda — mob (lit. gang of thieves)
    ķert zagli — to catch a thief
    dzīties pakaļ zagļiem — to chase the thieves
    kādā citā vietā zagļi bija caur jumtu ietikuši stallī un izvedusi zirgus — somewhere else thieves had entered into the stable through the roof and taken the horses away


Derived terms[edit]

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