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Alternative forms[edit]


Yiddish זיידע (zeyde, grandfather)


zayde (plural zaydes)

  1. (Jewish) grandfather
    • 1974, Fran Ross, Oreo ISBN 9780914870005 page 207:
      Perhaps, in these circumstances, he would greet his granddaughter as a zayde should, with love and affection.
  2. (Jewish) elderly man (as a term of respect)
    • 3 November 1975, John Simon, review of Lies My Father Told Me, New York Magazine page 74:
      The zayde is, as the hoary formula demands, gruff on the outside but wonderful to his horse and David...
    • 1997, Susan Berrin, A Heart of Wisdom ISBN 9781879045736 page 200:
      To many people, the phrase "Jewish elderly" still conjures up images of bearded zaydes with yarmulkes...


  • OED 2006