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zepto- +‎ joule


zeptojoule (plural zeptojoules)

  1. (metrology) An SI unit of energy equal to 10−21 joules. Symbol: zJ
    • 1996, Michael E. Benser, Robert E. Marquis, A. J. Hudspeth, "Rapid, Active Hair Bundle Movements in Hair Cells from the Bullfrog's Sacculus", The Journal of Neuroscience, September 15, 1996, 16(18), p. 5638:
      When a bundle with a drag coefficient of 200 nN · sec · m−1 (Howard and Hudspeth, 1988) produced a 25 nm, triangle-wave twitch 5 msec in total duration (Fig. 12A), the energy dissipated against viscous drag was ~100 zJ (a zeptojoule is 10−21 J).
    • 2012, Christopher R. Jacobs, ‎Hayden Huang, ‎Ronald Y. Kwon, Introduction to Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology, p. 327:
      The associated work is
      W = 38.5 nm2 × (10−9m/nm)2 35 pN/μm
      (10−12 N/pN) (μm/10−6 m) = 1.35 × 10−21 J
      or about one zeptojoule.
    • 2015, Tsu-Jae King Liu, ‎Kelin Kuhn, CMOS and Beyond, p. 204:
      However, with zeptojoule scale switching energies and novel functionality, the BiSFET could add a substantial amount of road!

Derived terms[edit]

  • zJ (abbreviation)