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First attested in 1981; zombie + out; compare the earlier adjective zombied-out (1976).


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zombie out (third-person singular simple present zombies out, present participle zombying out or zombieing out, simple past and past participle zombied out)

  1. (informal) Become like a zombie in being listless, vacant, and unresponsive.
    • 1981, Contemporary Keyboard VII:i–vi, page unknown
      Ada Richter has compiled [Piano Classics] with the noble idea of helping younger students work on various aspects of technique without having to zombie out on drills and exercises.
    • 1984, Kirkus Reviews LII:xix–xxiv, page 986
      After Dennis got killed, my mom just kind of zombied out for a couple of years.
    • 1986, Jerome Charyn, War Cries Over Avenue C, page 271
      After I’ve been zombied out, will they hurt my dad?
    • 1988, Robert R. McCammon, Stinger, page 321
      After the ‛copter had crashed on Cobre Road, [Cody] figured he’d zombied out.
    • 1989, Patricia McConnel, Sing Soft, Sing Loud, page 60
      Black women just seem to do their time different. They sing more, goof around more. They don’t zombie out like the rest of us.
    • 1991, PRISM international XXX, page 73
      My man here keeps zombying out.
    • 1993, Martin C. Moore-Ede, The Twenty-Four-Hour Society, page 128
      The autoworker who zombies out as your car-to-be passes by on the assembly line…contribute[s] to a loss in your personal productivity and sometimes your safety.
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