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zu +‎ mindest


  • IPA(key): /t͡suˈmɪndəst/



  1. at least
    Du brauchst zumindest einen Führerschein, um Auto zu fahren.
    You need at least a driving license to drive a car.
    Geleistet hast du nichts, aber zumindest bist du überhaupt gekommen.
    You haven’t contributed anything, but at least you’ve shown up at all.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Although zumindest and mindestens can often be used interchangeably, there is a tendency to distinguish them. Mindestens is preferred when there is an actual ranking, particuarly one involving numbers, whereas zumindest is used otherwise.
  • In the examples above, mindestens could be used alternatively in the first sentence, whereas it would sound awkward in the second. The difference is that sentence 2 does not express a requirement or lower limit but simply the insufficiency of the adressed person’s efforts.


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