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immer +‎ hin


  • IPA(key): [ˈɪmɐˈhɪn]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: im‧mer‧hin



  1. after all (explaining another statement)
    Wir haben das Spiel gewonnen. Immerhin haben wir jeden Tag trainiert.
    We won the game. After all, we did practice every day.
  2. at least, anyway, on the bright side (describing a positive aspect of an otherwise unfortunate situation)
    Das Hotel war mittelmäßig, aber immerhin war das Essen ausgezeichnet.
    The hotel was mediocre, but at least the food was excellent.
  3. at least, a minimum of (a certain number)
    In der Nähe gibt es immerhin drei Geschäfte.
    There are at least three stores nearby.
  4. anyway, anyhow, regardless, all the same, at any rate, at least
    Die andere Mannschaft war besser als wir, aber immerhin haben wir unser Bestes gegeben.
    The other team was better than us, but we tried our best anyway.


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