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From Proto-Indo-European *kʷer-. See also Proto-Slavic *čarъ (magic, sorcery).


कृति (kṛtif

  1. the act of doing, making, performing, manufacturing, composing.
  2. action, activity.
  3. creation, work.
  4. literary work.
  5. a house of relics.
  6. ‘magic’ » -कर
  7. a witch (compare कृत्या).
  8. a kind of अनुष्टुभ् metre (consisting of two पादs of twelve syllables each and a third पाद of eight syllables).
  9. another metre (a stanza of four lines with twenty syllables in each).
  10. (hence) the number twenty.
  11. a collective N. of the metres कृति, प्रक्°, आक्°, विक्°, संक्°, अभिक्°, and उत्कृति
  12. a square number.
  13. (drama) confirmation of any obtainment.
  14. Name of the wife of संह्राद and mother of पञ्च-जन.


कृति (kṛtim

  1. Name of several persons.
  2. Name of a pupil of हिरण्य-नाभ.


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