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  1. similar to, sort of, -like, resembling, in the nature of. Added to a word to form an adjective.
    tojás (egg) → tojásdad (egg-shaped)

Usage notes[edit]

Member of the -dad/-ded suffix cluster.

  • -dad is added to back vowel words
  • -ded is added to front vowel words

Originally, it was a diminutive suffix. Today it is used to express similarity just like the suffixes -féle and -szerű.

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin -tātem, accusative of -tās.


-dad f

  1. Used in forming a noun to represent the property corresponding to an adjective; -ity.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]

Usage notes[edit]

The bare form -dad only comes after the letters l or n. Adjectives ending in -io and two syllable adjectives take the form -edad. Adjective ending in -ble take the form -bilidad. Adjectives with three or more syllables take the -idad form.